Your work, served on a silver platter.

Cage lets your work shine. Your clients seamlessly go from screening room experience to providing contextual feedback.

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Presentations built to impress anyone.

Professionally package the work you are sharing with customizable and branded pages. Weave a story that shares insights into design decisions and seamlessly gather feedback with one click. Presentations provide the curb appeal to showcase your work, in style — without writing any code.

Presentations built to impress anyone | Cage

Your story and your brand, presented beautifully.

Make your work look like a million bucks (without spending it). No more fussing with overly designed PDFs, Keynote or Powerpoint decks, or even emails with giant attachments! Add your own branding, color palette and pick from different layouts. A perfect way to pitch work.

Your story and your brand, presented beautifully | Cage
Faster approvals from everyone | Cage

Approvals in minutes, not days.

In-app approvals provide a system of record and help keep accountability and transparency with everyone involved (which keeps all the “he said, she saids” to a minimum). You'll see faster approvals in no time.

Collaborate where it makes sense – on the work.

Cage’s unique toolset makes the time-consuming process of gathering, discussing, and acting on feedback faster by providing clarity through context. Add annotations directly to images, video, audio, PDFs, and over 150+ other file formats.

Collaborate where it makes sense – on the work | Cage

File review and delivery, simplified.

Simplify getting large files to clients. You’ll never have to worry about clients needing special software to view and leave feedback on anything. Streamline proofing and approvals of videos, audio, images, PDFs and over 150+ popular file formats!

Simple Asset Management | Cage