Client Services

Client Services

Your work, served on a silver platter.

Cage lets your work shine and your clients easily engage.

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Presentations that impress (and sell) your work

Cage’s presentations make your work look like a million bucks (without spending it). No more fussing with overly designed PDFs, Keynote or Powerpoint decks, emails with attachments, or even building mini-sites! A perfect way to pitch work.

  • Add your own branding, color palette and pick from different layouts
  • Pre-made themes to make it easier to start customizing
  • Fast sharing that makes it easy to collaborate with clients, stakeholders, and contractors
  • Share via unique URL or automated email with instructions
  • Flexible email notifications so clients can stay engaged without inbox fatigue
  • Clients and Reviewers are only given permission to what you explicitly share with them

Approvals done right

In-app approvals provide a system of record and help keep accountability and transparency with everyone involved (which keeps all the backdoor conversations or “he said/she saids” to a minimum). You'll see faster approvals in no time.

  • Clients/Reviewers can approve work in Cage as you share it
  • Track who has approved the work (and when) and who hasn’t when approval from multiple clients/reviewers is needed
  • Clients/Reviewers can download source files once the work is approved making delivery and transfer easy for everyone

Easily engage clients and encourage feedback.

Eliminate your client’s need to recall time stamps for changes or to overly explain desired revisions. Clients can easily add feedback, highlight parts of the file, or sketch directly on top of video to help provide more context to what’s being discussed. Simply click a file to annotate, discuss and resolve feedback.

  • Annotation tools allow clients/reviewers to visually highlight and add feedback with more context
  • Turn client/reviewer feedback into actionable tasks that you can assign and delegate to your team
  • Clients/Reviewers can leave time-stamped comments on video & audio without any hassle
  • Add duration to annotations that span a length of time
  • Convey tone and excitement with our emoji picker
  • Leave general feedback without using any annotation tools
  • Attach files to comments
  • Clients/Reviewers can see past iterations and the evolution of your work
Public and Private Discussions

Public & Private Discussions

Use Project messages or general notes on files to spark conversations, provide extra clarity, discuss scope and budget, or just to share the occasional animated GIF. Plus, you select whether your contribution to a discussion is viewable only by your team or also the client/reviewer.

  • Project-based Discussions: Cage helps you make sense of things with Messages - threaded topic-based discussions for each project. Great for when you want to add scopes or budgets with attachments, share new ideas, or need more clarity from someone on your team. Spark up a discussion where it makes the most sense.
  • Private Comments in Threads: In public discussions with your clients, you can easily choose to add a private comment that only your team will see. They are denoted differently so you know it was private. Now, when your client makes a request or provides feedback that doesn’t fit, your team can get on the same page before addressing it.
Customer Support

Amazing Customer Support

Much like using anything for the first time, there can be a learning curve and you might have questions. This is why we’ve added tool tips, in-app video guides, and robust support docs to make the whole process easy as pie (eating them, we know baking them isn’t easy)! Our entire team assists with customer support – it’s important to us and we value that personal touch. So, have an issue? Have feedback? Need to talk to a human? Use the support chat feature built into Cage or drop our team an email and get a prompt response (usually within minutes during our normal business hours Monday-Friday 9am–5pm CST).

Take back your nights and weekends.

Ditch the post-it notes, stop those messy email threads, drop unnecessary products from your workflow, and cancel marathon meetings. Try Cage today!

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