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Cage is designed with application-level controls distributed across a scalable, secure infrastructure. Distributing your encrypted files across multiple services not only makes uploading and viewing files faster and more reliable, but also enhances security. Faster uploads equal faster review. And faster review equals faster approvals. And...well, this happy sequence could go on forever, but you get the idea.


Safe and secure at the core.

Don’t lose files you’ve invested so much time working on. When your files are stored in Cage, you’ll never lose data or assets with our daily backups. By default, Cage stores copies of your data in multiple data centers. On top of that, each copy is redundantly distributed across physical storage devices using erasure encoding to further survive unfortunate physical failures. Your data is important to us!


As easy as turning on your TV.

Cage is built using modern web technology. As long as you have reliable internet and a modern web browser, you can use Cage. We support the latest version of all modern browsers including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. No IT staff needed to administer setup and no onsite installation required to get started – it’s that easy! If you need a little extra assistance our team can schedule a personal demo with you, too!

Customer Support

World-class support included.

Sometimes it can feel like the sky is falling. When it does, it’s comforting to know there are folks who will take care of you! Everyone on our team assists with customer support – it’s important to us and we value the personal touch (you could say it’s part of our Midwestern DNA). So, have an issue? Have feedback? Need some help? Use our in-app live chat or drop us an email and get a response within minutes during normal business hours (we’re Central Standard Time and work Monday-Friday).

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