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Cage for Slack Activity

All your project's activity from Cage, directly in Slack.

Your team no longer has to work in a silo. By integrating Cage with Slack you now receive updates directly inside of Slack when a important things happen. No more fussing with scheduling reviews with other teams or status updates – now there's transparency so everyone can see what is being worked on and the progress your team is making.

  • Get updated when a new task is created or completed
  • See when new messages are added and comments are added
  • Get updated when new comments are added to messages, tasks, or files
  • See when clients or stakeholders make approvals
  • Get updated when annotations are added to files
  • See when anyone uploads new files or revisions to files
Collborate Anywhere

Collaborate anywhere & while on the go.

Cage for Slack helps reduces context switching, letting people work from where they currently are and focus. So whether you're traveling, working remote, or deeply focused on your work, you'll be able to be part of the conversation and help push work forward. We like like to call this "ambient accountability", you'll call it a "game-changer"! Since Slack is available and synced across every device,' you'll have access wherever you are.

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Faster review process

Review work without all busy work.

Show and tell just got more fun! Gather fast, clear feedback from your team. Use annotations to highlight areas on a file, delegate tasks to your team, and always be part of the conversation (see you later FOMO). See shorter review cycles and faster approvals in no time. Since every discussion is archived in Slack, your project's activity becomes easily searchable too.

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Take back your nights and weekends.

Ditch the post-it notes, stop those messy email threads, drop unnecessary products from your workflow, and cancel marathon meetings. Try Cage today!

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