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Task Management & Planning.

Everyone on your team and everything they’re working on – all in one view. Easily see how busy days are, who’s overloaded, and drag and drop tasks on a shared calendar.

Task Management & Planning | Cage

Task Conversations

Discuss tasks with threaded discussions, upload attachments, and get help from your team when needed using task conversations. All in one place.


Forecast and plan tasks by assigning estimated times. Set project milestones so you can prioritize and better schedule projects, while making expectations clear.


Create, delegate, organize, and track all your project’s to-dos. Follow-up with your team or get status updates for added transparency.

Graham Smith
"Cage greatly helps with reducing any possible misunderstanding, and/or miscommunication, during the process of a project. This can mean the difference between a successful project, and happy client, or not."

Graham Smith

The Logo Smith

Messaging | Cage


When your team is effectively communicating good things happen. Cage makes discussing a project’s progress, sharing ideas, or finalizing work with your team effortless. Your team can have project-level discussions inside Cage using Messages without messy email threads.

Activity Feeds & Notifications

With all your team’s activity in Cage, you’ll always know what everyone’s working on, if you’re making progress, and if you need to adjust workloads or due dates. Say goodbye to those status meetings.

Activity Feeds & Notifications | Cage

Simple Asset Management

You never have to hunt for files across desktops or emails again. A central place for your team to manage and share all your assets. Store over 150+ other file formats! Cage gives you everything you need to manage, version, preview, and present media to your team and clients within seconds. We keep your assets organized.

Simple Asset Management | Cage
Teams, Reviewers and Groups | Cage

Teams, Reviewers and Groups.

Cage helps you keep people with different roles, responsibilities, and objectives moving towards a common goal: finishing their projects on time and together. Add or remove team members at any time to meet the ongoing needs of the project. Keep the project private for just your team or allow clients and stakeholders varying levels of access – it’s entirely up to you.

Special thanks to our pal Jonden Jackson.

The talented folks at Forefathers graciously allowed us to showcase the work they’ve recently completed for Right Way Signs. Check out our interview with founder, Jonden Jackson on our blog.

Special thanks to our pal Jonden Jackson.

Forefathers Group is a powerful team of designers who are passionate about results-driven, visually striking design that positively impacts the course of clients’ businesses and lives.

Special thanks to our pal Jonden Jackson.

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