Project Management

Project Management

Mission control has never felt more comfortable.

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Task Management

Make meaningful progress.

Cage helps you move projects across the finish line. Organize all your project’s tasks, delegate work to your team, and assign milestones. Follow-up with your team or get status updates for added transparency.

  • Group tasks into lists to keep things organized.
  • Delegate and divvy up tasks to anyone on your team.
  • Forecast and plan projects by assigning estimated times to tasks.
  • Discuss work, share attachments, and get help when needed with task conversations.
  • Adjust schedules by dragging and dropping tasks in the calendar.
  • Track task history and sort by people or status.

Topic-based discussions.

When your team is effectively communicating good things happen. Cage makes discussing a project’s progress, sharing ideas, or finalizing work with your team effortless. Your team can have project-level discussions inside Cage using Messages without the messy email threads.

  • Attach files and documents to share with your team or reviewers.
  • Compose and format better messages with a rich-text editor.
  • Post private messages to your team or public messages viewable by Reviewers.
  • Threaded discussions all in one place.
  • Save drafts for when you’re not ready to publish.
  • Convey tone and excitement with our emoji picker.

Project planning & organization.

Everyone on your team and everything they’re working on – all in one view. Easily see how busy days are, who’s overloaded, and drag/drop tasks to move around.

Project Milestones

Shared Calendars

Everyone in your organization and everything they’re working on – all in one view. Easily see how busy days are, who is overloaded, and drag/drop tasks to easily adjust your work days.

Project Milestones

Set milestones for your projects so you can prioritize and better schedule current and future projects, while making expectations clear.

Folders & Archives

Keep things nice and neat. Add projects to folders and archive projects as you complete them so you can focus on what’s important. Archives keep all your projects in one place – clutter-free.

Recent Activity

Stay in the loop.

With all your team’s activity in Cage, you’ll always know what everyone’s working on, if you’re making progress, and if you need to adjust workloads or due dates. Say goodbye to those status meetings.

  • Track progress and get an account overview of where things are with your dashboard.
  • Catch up on all the latest activity with timelines.
  • See all the granular updates to projects with project activity streams.
  • View anyone’s profile in your account to see their recent activity.
Asset Management

Asset Management & Storage

You never have to hunt for files across desktops or emails again. A central place for your team to manage and share all your assets. Store videos, audio, images, PDFs and native formats like PSDs and AI files, and over 150+ other file formats! Cage gives you everything you need to manage, version, preview, and present media to your team and clients within seconds.

Teams, Reviewers, and Groups.

Cage helps you keep people with different roles, responsibilities, and objectives moving towards a common goal: finishing their projects on time and together. Add or remove team members at any time to meet the ongoing needs of the project. Keep the project private for just your team or allow clients and stakeholders varying levels of access – it’s entirely up to you.



Flexible permissions allow you to assign your team members as Administrators or Staff – which allows you to control who can add and remove people in your account.


Collaborate with clients, stakeholders, and vendors directly in Cage. Reviewers can review the work, approve files, and participate in conversations you set as public. Reviewers are free and unlimited in Cage.


Groups make adding the right people to a project easy. Different roles allow for different permissions, but if you need to get your marketing team involved with the project, add them as a group.


Flexible Notifications & Daily Digest

Be as involved as you like. Cage lets you set when you’d like to be notified of things so you get as many or as few email notifications as you like. Daily digests are great for managers who need to see all the activity and happenings from the previous day delivered right to their inbox each morning. Rather not be interrupted? No problem, you can opt out of notifications on a per-project basis.

Take back your nights and weekends.

Ditch the post-it notes, stop those messy email threads, drop unnecessary products from your workflow, and cancel marathon meetings. Try Cage today!

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